About FoA

Whenever I first started FoA it was all about my passion for firearms. I wanted to share information with people, help them make good buying choices, help them get engaged within the gun owner community. I started doing gun reviews, gun maintenance, gun accessory reviews. Later I also started doing reviews of survival gear. The more I did it, the more love and support I received from my viewers and subscribers. FoA was never about profit, but it was always destined to become more than just a channel for gun reviews.

I came to the US as a refugee whenever I was about 20, so I had 20 years of growing up in a changing post USSR era. I remember, we went from communism to an Islamic republic. I have seen history books change in front of me. The ancient tyrants and mass murderers were becoming national heroes.

I always dreamed of coming to the United States of America. Everyone thinks of America as the land of the free and the land of opportunities. There are people living with American dreams in every part of the world and so I was one of them. And of course, I was surprised and completely disappointed whenever I walked out of the JFK airport. No one seemed to care about freedom or opportunities, everyone was angry and gloom. I was still happy to be free from persecution and grateful for the opportunity to start a new life, but I could not understand how the US became the number one country in the world, judging by New York. And so, I decided to visit California. California, however, was even worse. There were homeless people practically on every corner, people were doing drugs and smoking marijuana openly on the streets. Once again, I asked myself a question:

How did this country become so great?

After California, I decided to go back to New York. Because of my interest for politics, I started working for a Democratic political campaign. The candidate was running for Senate against Kirsten Gillibrand. Let me tell you, I have never seen that much lying and dirty games as I have witnessed during this campaign. And once again, I asked myself, is the US really this great? Is the American dream even real?

Is the US really this great? Is the American dream even real?

Finally, when I started working for a long distance moving company and traveled through the “REAL USA” (as immigrants like to call the red states), visiting states like Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, North and South Carolinas, etc., I realized that this country is truly great and how it became so great! People that I have met in these states were kind, loving, hard working, but most importantly, they had moral values. Things finally started to make sense for me!

It took me another 5 years to understand that these values are the Conservative values. It is the Conservative values that made this beautiful country the greatest country in the world.

I am an Outsider...

…and will always be one in the United States of America… I was not born here, I was not raised here… I did not go to school here or college… I came here as a refugee. But this country gave me a chance, it gave me an opportunity, it gave me home and I will always be grateful for it. I became a patriot ever since I came here and still am, because I value everything this country gives and I want to give something back.