CZ P 07

CZ P07 Review (CZ 9mm Handgun Review)

CZ P07 Review (CZ 9mm Handgun Review)

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Welcome to Firearms of America! Today, I have another CZ review for you guys and this is CZ P07 9mm review.

Here is the Palmetto State Armory link: CZ P07 9mm Pistol, Black – 91086 –

As always, let’s start with some CZ p07 specs:
Chambering: 9x19mm.
Length: 7.2”
Height: 5.3”
Width: 1.46”
Barrel: 3.75” Cold Hammer Forged.
Sights: 3-dot.
Trigger: DA/SA – 7 lbs. / 3.5 lbs.
Weight: 27.7 oz.

So, overall, great 9mm pistol, especially if you prefer the single double action pistols and pistols with decocker. Is it the best 9mm compact pistol in its class? It really depends on what features you are looking for. A lot of people like to do a CZ p07 vs Glock 19 comparison… to me, I’d go with a Glock any day, but this is of course all a personal preference.

I have to say, CZ pistols are definitely becoming more and more popular, especially the CZ 9mm compact pistols.

So, let me know what you guys think about this CZ p-07 review? Thanks for watching!

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