YouTube Just STOLE $2000 from Me Today

YouTube Just STOLE $2000 from Me Today

YouTube Just STOLE $2000 from Me Today

Welcome to Firearms of America! Yes, you heard that right! YouTube stole my money today. Now you guys have been asking for some update on my battle with YouTube, because YouTube deplatforming finally got to my channel. YouTube demonetized my channel, taking away about $2000 every month that I was making. But today, YouTube went even further and decided to steal my $2,081.67 that I have already made in the month of May.

Anyway, watch the video and let me know what you think. Please consider supporting me through Patreon here:

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Also, if you have not seen the main video where I describe what happened, it is here:
YouTube Is Trying to KILL My Channel So I Need YOUR Help! –

Now, YouTube censorship is nothing new. Gov. Desantis’ new bill on big tech deplatforming that takes effect on July 1st, however is new! So I am happy to be part of the fight against the big tech censorship and discrimination against conservatives.

Apparently now there is a Facebook Page for this channel:
As it turns out, there is an Instagram page for this channel as well:
If you ever need to reach out to me with any requests or questions, here is my personal IG:
Also, I just found out that there is a website for Firearms of America:
Joining the Twitter battle! Let’s see how long it will take until I am banned from there:
But since everyone is mass leaving Facebook and Twitter, here is my Parler as well:

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