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Interview with Dane Thomas from Hyperion Munitions | Firearms of Celebrities

Interview with Dane Thomas from Hyperion Munitions | Firearms of Celebrities

Welcome to Firearms of America! Today, I have another episode of Firearms of Celebrities, and trust me, today’s guest, has a lot of firearms and it is because he is the importer and the manufacturer! Today we have Dane Thomas from Hyperion Munitions, located in Largo, FL.
Hyperion Munitions – https://www.hyperionmunitions.com/

Hyperion Munitions is veteran owned. They import guns and ammo from different parts of the world as well as manufacture their own. One of the imported brands, is the Turkish Garaysar, which, if you have been subscribed to this channel, you are probably familiar with.

In this episode, me and Dane talk a little about the history of Hyperion Munitions, the model line of Garaysar shotguns, the way they are built and imported, and then we get to see some other cool projects that the guys at Hyperion Munitions work on.

Of course, I did not leave empty handed, had to get myself a few new Garaysar models, so new reviews will be coming here pretty soon. Thanks for watching!

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