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Sweatpants + Two Glocks | Arrowhead Tactical Apparel + Craft Holsters

Sweatpants + Two Glocks | Arrowhead Tactical Apparel + Craft Holsters

Welcome to Firearms of America! Today, I have the this Arrowhead Tactical Apparel review for you guys, featuring leather IWB holster from Craft Holsters. Here are the links:
Arrowhead Tactical Apparel –
Craft Holsters Leather IWB Holster with Steel Clip –
The dope instrumental is by my brother Michael Enriquez from The Red Army Music.

Currently you can save 15% on Arrowhead Tactical products using the code FOA15. Craft Holsters discount code coming soon too!

So, if you were looking for tactical sweatpants or concealed carry athletic shorts, Arrowhead Tactical Apparel got some options. Personally, I think there are a few improvements that can made to the EDC belt that is implemented into these sweatpants, but, I am sure you will not have any problems with the design if you are using them for jogging or something. Same goes for the Craft Holsters. Looks like I will need to do some DIY modifications in order to keep them both in place.

By the way, in this video, I used my Glock 19 gen 5 and my Glock 17 gen 5.

You guys already know I love tactical clothing… I also love the EDC clothing… but my favorite, obviously, is the athletic clothing. I am really happy to see someone combine the three! I want to see more!

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