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MAGA 45 Final Vote Count Parade & Toy Drive | 12.13.2020 – Fort Myers, FL

MAGA 45 Final Vote Count Parade & Toy Drive | 12.13.2020 – Fort Myers, FL

Welcome to Firearms of America! Today, I have this amazing charitable event to share with you guys that took place in Fort Myers, FL on 12.13.2020. Two huge Trump trains from Sarasota and Naples gathered at Del Tura Plaza in North Fort Myers to donate toys for local children’s hospital, talk about the elections, rights and freedoms. Plenty of patriots came along to support the event and hear the event speakers.

The event was organized by a great team of:
Korry Taberner, Dj Tabs –
Justin McIntyre
Ed Eagle
Jenn Eagle
Nico DiMatteo
Jacklyn Backscheider
Russell Costanzo
Rob Eldridge
and more! Make sure to follow these guys to stay up to date with the future events.

Here are some of the speakers of the event:
Brendon Leslie, independent reporter –
Jonathan Martin, attorney, President of the Republican Club –
Dr. Drew Montez Clark and Dr. Kanema Clark – Drew-Kanema Clark DC –
Eileen Perez, 17 year old political activist
Frank Valentine of Firearms of America –
Anwar Sir. Mudita, The Real Mr. Hehe –
and more!

Whoever knows the MAGA Santa, make sure to tag him! Also, featuring some VIP guest appearances from Brian Gamble-vip with Red Pill Roadshow and even a text message from General Flynn!

Some of the local vendors that participated at the event:
Seedtotable –
Dave’s Bangin’ BBQ –
Ice Cream Social Boat –
Trump Central –
Friga Tyme corp –
and more!

The event was a huge success! Great run around, a lot of serious conversation and just a bunch of good folk having fun and enjoying the beautiful Florida Sunday. Thank you everyone for coming out and supporting the event! Thanks to everyone who donated toys! If you see yourself there, make sure to tag yourselves!

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