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Peaceful Protest to Boycott Local FOX4 “Fake News” – 11/29/2020 – Cape Coral, FL

Peaceful Protest to Boycott Local FOX4 “Fake News” – 11/29/2020 – Cape Coral, FL

Welcome to Firearms of America! Today, I have this awesome event that took place in Cape Coral, FL on November 29th, 2020. This peaceful protest was organized in response to the local Fox 4 news for their fake news coverage of the charitable event, also organized by the local legend, DJ Tabs. So the protest was gathered right in front of the Fox 4 building on Pine Island Road, but you probably won’t see it on the news.

Here are some of the speakers at the event:
DJ Tabs – SWFL DJ, event organizer –
Brendon Leslie – Independent reporter –
Frank Valentine – Firearms of America –

Of course, a lot of people also came out in support of President Donald J Trump. The ideal outcome of the event would be for the Fox4 channel to respond to DJ Tabs, apologize for their fake news coverage and air the charitable event without their fake news agenda.

P.S. No looting or rioting happened. No buildings burned down. No businesses vandalized.

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