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“All Lives Matter…” EXPLOSIVE Speech from Kanema Clark, Conservative Physician During Trump Rally

“All Lives Matterโ€ฆ” EXPLOSIVE Speech from Kanema Clark, Conservative Physician During Trump Rally

Welcome to Firearms of America! In this clip, Kanema Clark, a conservative physician from SW Florida is talking about the importance of family, challenges the BLM narrative on families, talks about faith, President Trump and his twits, and of course, constitutional freedoms.

Watch the full Truth and Justice Trump Train Rally in Fort Myers, FL 11.15.2020, here: https://youtu.be/lA3ieNeR6Rc

Trump Train Truth & Justice Rally that took place in Downtown Fort Myers. This was a HUGE Trump Train, which was organized by the Florida’s favorite DJ Tabs and Michael Thompson of East Lee County Republicans.

Some of the participating speakers were:
Jonathan Martin, Personal Injury Attorney and Chairman of the Republican Party of Lee County
Dj Tabs, Florida’s favorite DJ.
Michael Thompson, the President of East Lee County Republicans
Eileen Perez, a 17 year old activist.
Kanema Clark, a conservative physician of SWFL.
Brendon Leslie, Florida’s most popular independent reporter.
Frank Valentine of Firearms of America
and moreโ€ฆ

The event started in North Fort Myers, when the Trump Train truck parade began forming. I started with some interviews of the participants who decided to show up and show support for President Donald Trump. There have been many Trump rallies across the nation in these past few weeks and all of them had great energy and passion. This Truth & Justice Trump Train rally was no exception.

After the everyone was ready to start the Trump train, we headed toward the Downtown Fort Myers. The destination of the event was the Lee County Old Courthouse building in the center of the downtown. But before stopping at the destination, the Trump Train 2020 made several laps around the downtown. I have never seen downtown Fort Myers filled with so much love, energy and patriotism! I wish the whole nation saw how much SWFL supports President Trump. However, the local fake news media, also known as Wink news, decided to stay fake and clearly show their position by showing up 30 minutes before the start of the Trump Train in North Fort Myers when everyone was just gathering and then leaving and not even showing up at the main event!

But it is all good, because there is this video and it clearly shows the passion, the support of the American people for their President, the love of freedoms and their constitutional rights. If you were there, tag yourself in the comments and make sure to share, so that the American people know!

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