beretta 92fs

Beretta 92fs Review (The LEGENDARY 9mm Beretta 92fs…)

Beretta 92fs Review (The LEGENDARY 9mm Beretta 92fs…)

Welcome to Firearms of America! Today I have another Beretta pistol review for you guys and this is the well known Beretta 92 fs that served as a side arm of the US military from 1985, designated as Beretta M9.

Let’s start with the Beretta 92fs specs first:
Action: Single/Double
Barrel length (in): 4.9
Caliber: 9×19 (PARA)
Magazine: 15
Overall height (in): 5.4
Overall length (in): 8.5
Overall width (in): 1.5
Sight radius (in): 6.1
Weight unloaded (OZ): 33.3

Ok, let me get this off my chest… yes, Beretta is not very popular for its reliability… In fact, according to the military survey conducted among the troops, Beretta M9 has one of the lowest reliability ratings… And yes, it did not perform that well during my review either… In its defense though, it does operate without any problems if you find the right ammo for it, it is just very picky.

Once you find the right ammo for it though, I have to say, of all the Beretta 9mm pistols that I have tested on this channel, I like this Beretta 92fs the most… even though it was not so spectacular during this Beretta 9mm review.

As a working pistol though, it is great! It handles the recoil unbelievably well, it feels aesthetically proper, the grips are good, the trigger is excellent and I can go on. Now of course this is Beretta 9mm full size, so not exactly your normal conceal carry, but for a home defense, great option (as long you make sure the ammo is right).

So, what do you guys think about this Beretta review? Let me know in the comments below!

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