ruger pc charger review

Ruger PC Charger Review (Ruger 9mm Pistol)

Ruger PC Charger Review

Welcome to Firearms of America! Today I have this Ruger PC Charger review for you guys.

Let’s start with the specs:
Model: 29100
Caliber: 9mm Luger
Capacity: 17 (Glock mag conversion)
Receiver Finish: Type III Hard-Coat Anodized
Handguard: M-LOK® Attachment Slots

Out of the box, there is not really much to find on this Ruger pistol. It does not come with the sights, it does not come with the brace, hence all the Ruger PC Charger pistol brace searches… The only thing is comes with is a magazine (which actually belongs to SR9) and a magazine conversion well, so you will like this if you like pistols that take Glock mags.

Apparently, this Ruger gun was inspired by Ruger PC Carbine 9mm. However, in comparison to the Carbine, the Charger does not offer much right out of the box. At the minimum, you want to install the sights. The second important one would be replacing the front grip… I am not entirely sure what was the idea behind it, but the one it comes with is pretty terrible. The third one is the stock/brace…

However, even in spite of all these things that you need to take care of, I have to say, I am a big fan of this gun… I don’t think I had that much fun shooting anything else so far compared to this Ruger PC Charger 9mm. So, what do you guys think about this Ruger PC Charger centerfire pistol review? Let me know in the comments below!

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