Magnum Research Baby Eagle

Magnum Research Baby Eagle Review (Baby Desert Eagle 9mm Review)

Magnum Research Baby Eagle Review (Baby Desert Eagle 9mm Review)

Welcome to Firearms of America! Today I have this Magnum Research Baby Eagle 9mm review for you guys. Let’s start with the specs:

Caliber: 9mm
Barrel length: 3.85″
Weight: 35 oz.
Construction: High quality carbon steel frame and slide
Finish: Black oxide finish
Trigger: Double Action/Single Action (DA/SA)
Safety: Slide mounted safety and decocker, ambidextrous
Sights: Combat type, white three dot, fixed

So, let me clarify something, this gun is also referred to as Jericho Baby Eagle, so this is also a Jericho 941 review, which is the model number of the gun.

Overall, I did like this gun a lot. The built quality feels fantastic, it handles the recoil very well, the slide is smooth, the trigger is crisp. Also, this particular model is a Baby Desert Eagle 9mm compact, so you can use it as your concealed carry… Concealed carry mini Desert Eagle, not too shabby.

What do you guys think about this Baby Desert Eagle review? Would you consider it for your concealed carry or home defense? Let me know in the comments below!

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