“If You Die, You Die” Workout & 3 Workout Tips You’ll Ever Need

“If You Die, You Die” Workout & 3 Workout Tips You’ll Ever Need

Welcome to Firearms of America! So, here is another one of my typical workout routines, here you go guys. I know it is not your usual workout. Of course it takes time to build up and it is much easier to get an injury with a workout like this. But to me, workouts were always 50/50, body work and mental work. With a workout like this I can push my body as well as my mind outside of the comfort level.

For a very long time I was scared to do a back flip, so it was something I had to overcome and it is really a great feeling to overcome a fear. Ever since I overcame it, I started implementing flips into my workout. I still practice them more and have a lot to improve whenever it comes to the overall control, that’s why I call this workout Ultimate Body Control. Or Nathan Drake style workout inspired, the character from a video game Uncharted. There will actually be an Uncharted movie coming out soon (on the side note).

Actually there is a workout style called calisthenics, which is kind of similar to this one, which I have just recently learned about, but I never tried to get into it.

Anyway, this workout is more on conditioning, cardio, endurance, flexibility and some strength, but I also do resistance and regular weight training. Calisthenics workout is also bodyweight workout kind of like this one.

But yes, this is one of my workouts. Helps me develop both my body and my brain.

So, done with my workout, back to other stuff!

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