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Les Baer Monolith Review (Les Baer 1911 45 ACP)

Les Baer Monolith Review (Les Baer 1911 45 ACP)

Welcome to Firearms of America! Today is a special day because I finally had a chance to review this 1911 pistol from Les Baer Custom.

This Les Baer Custom 1911 has the 1 inch guarantee at 50 yards and are known to be one of the best custom 1911 makers making some of, if not the best 1911.

This Les Baer pistol, chambered in 45 ACP, has an excellent slide, very light and responsive trigger. The quality of the built is simply phenomenal. Every 1911 Les Baer is hard-fitted so it will feel very tight brand new. The Baer 1911 Monolith that I am shooting in this video had about 2000 rounds go through it already.

This gun is definitely the best 1911 pistol I ever shot.

Not too long ago, I have made a video about the history of the 1911, because it is very interesting and has its importance. I am very happy to see that there are 1911 manufacturers that continue making 1911s as great as they are!

There are several other Les Baer 45 ACP 1911 options available. So, what do you guys about this Les Baer Monolith Heavyweight review? Let me know in the comments below! If you found this review useful, please subscribe!

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