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The SERIOUS Review of Craft Holsters… Holster

The SERIOUS Review of Craft Holsters… Holster

Welcome to Firearms of America! Today, I have another small of back leather holster for a review and this is Craft Holsters Grizzly, small of back holster. Here are the links:
Small Of Back Leather Holster – Grizzly –
Craft Holsters Sig P238 Compatible Holster – Small of Back Leather Holster – Grizzly (CH300) –

So, let’s start with specs:
Small Of Back design
Palm In SOB Holster
Re-inforced opening
Sits firmly on the belt
Hand Molded and Dyed Leather
Re-inforced stitching
Available in black or mahogany leather
Premium 5 Year Warranty

Ok, if you are looking for a compact holster, but still durable, this gun holster is an excellent option! Now because it is SOB, it might not be the best concealed carry holster, but with a compact gun like my Sig Sauer p238, you can easily have it concealed fairly easy with a light jacket, which in fact would make it one of the best SOB concealed carry holsters… Not so easy with the Ruger SR9, however!

And if you do buy it, don’t forget to get yourself a Premium Holsters Care Kit:

By the way, if you want to see other available Sig P238 holster and Ruger SR9 holster from Craft Holsters, you can check them out here: and

So, let me know in the comments below, what do you guys think about this holster? What do you think about SOB carry? Thanks for watching!

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