Beretta 85fs Cheetah

Beretta 85fs Cheetah Review (Beretta 380 Pistol)

Beretta 85fs Cheetah Review (Beretta 380 Pistol)

Welcome to Firearms of America! Today, I have this Beretta pistol review for you guys and this is Beretta 85fs Cheetah.

Let’s start with the specs:
Action: Single/Double
Barrel length (mm): 97
Barrel length (in): 3.8
Caliber: 9 short (380 auto)
Magazine: 8
Overall heigth (mm): 122
Overall heigth (in): 4.8
Overall length (mm): 172
Overall length (in): 6.1
Overall width (mm): 35
Overall width (in): 1.4
Sight radius (in): 4.9
Sight radius (mm): 124
Weight unloaded (g): 620
Weight unloaded (OZ): 21.9

So, overall, I do like this Beretta handgun. My favorite part is probably the trigger as it is very crisp, especially in single action. I like the slide too on this Beretta 85fs Cheetah semi-auto pistol, although it will definitely take you some time to adjust to the very thin grip area.

The most getting used to that you will have to do, however, are the sights. Overall, great sights, but because the idea behind aiming is a little different then usual, it takes some time to adjust.

As a compact 380 pistol this Beretta gun is a pretty good option since it is lightweight due to unique slide and aluminum alloy frame. As a pistol for concealed carry it is pretty good too, although 3.8 inch barrel is not the shortest one out there, especially for 380 guns.

So, let me know in the comments below what do you guys think about this Beretta 85fs Cheetah handgun. If you have any requests for reviews, let me know, same for suggestions. Thanks for watching!

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  1. I saw a video with a Beretta 85. For each shot, I heard a high pitch ringing sound when the slide hit the receiver. I thought all pistols were designed with some kind of spring device to avoid such a firm hit on the receiver..

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