Psychology of Long Distance Hikes

Psychology of Long Distance Hikes

Welcome to Firearms of America! Today, I have a short clip from the Ultimate Survival Adventure – Episode 1. In this part, I am talking about how to train for hiking and covering long distances on foot.

Typically, whenever it comes to answering questions about how to prepare for a hike, we talk about the physical fitness and fitness is important indeed. But no matter how well you are prepared physically, if you are not ready psychologically… not good!

And the reason why I am pointing this out is because if you think that hiking workout on treadmill where you are doing 10-20 miles is good enough to have you cover 10-20 miles by foot, you might be surprised that it isn’t always the case… well, most of the times it is not the case on most hikes.

Even the word “hike” itself can be a bit psychologically tricky because we associate hikes with nice, peaceful walks, smelling fresh air, light breeze, listening to the rubble of the nearby river… Sound pretty good, yes, but most of the long distance hikes are not like that, in fact, most of the long distance walks are not like that, and that’s why I usually refer to most of my hikes as long distance walking., to kind of set myself up for a long walk and not a nice hike.

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