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Craft Holsters Review – Panther – OWB holster (Pancake Leather Holster)

Craft Holsters Review – Panther – OWB holster (Pancake Leather Holster)

Welcome to Firearms of America! Today, I have another OWB leather holster for a review and this is Craft Holsters Panther, open top holster. Here are the links:
Open Top Leather Pancake Holster – Panther –
Craft Holsters Sig P238 Holster – Open Top Leather Pancake Holster – Panther –

So, let’s start with specs:
Open top pancake design
Genuine robust leather
Extra stitching & Wide Belt Loops
Partial sweat guard
4 o’clock OWB carry position
Available in black or mahogany leather
5 year warranty
Produced By Craft Holsters

Ok, if you are looking for a compact holster, but still durable, this gun holster is an excellent option! Now because it is OWB, it might not be the best concealed carry holster, but with a compact gun like my Sig Sauer p238, you can easily have it concealed fairly easy with a light jacket, which in fact would make it one of the best OWB concealed carry holsters!

And if you do buy it, don’t forget to get yourself a Premium Holsters Care Kit:

So, let me know in the comments below, what do you guys think about this holster? What do you think about OWB carry? Thanks for watching!

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