The Real Reason Why I LOVE Hiking…

The Real Reason Why I LOVE Hikingโ€ฆ

Welcome to Firearms of America! People often ask me why I love hiking. For a lot of people, hiking is about the love of nature, wild life, sightseeing. For some people, hiking is about sport. Some think of hiking as a getaway from everyday problems and the worries of life. Some people don’t like hiking at all.

Well, I love hiking because it reminds me of life. Life is all about moving forward, moving forward with a clear mind, same as hiking. If you are planning to cover the real distance, you need be able to clear your mind. People think that making a good distance has to do with how physically fit you areโ€ฆ in a way, it is true, you definitely do want to be fit and physically prepared, but being mentally prepared is even more important. Even the most fit person can give up on a hike, if after a difficult hour of an incline, they look at their tracker and realize that they only covered 2 miles.

The same thing is in life. You can’t have expectations of where you will be a year from now just because you are putting in some work. It is good when these expectations are met or surpassed, but most of the times, expectations are not met. We start a business and expect it to grow only to have it go bankrupt a few months later. We go to school expecting that we will have a great career after we graduate, only to find out that no one wants to hire without past experience, or that the starting salary is way below of what we expected. We fall in love and start relationships expecting them to last, only to break up few years laterโ€ฆ This is life. But if these set backs, disappointments, break ups, down falls stop you from moving further and progressing, you are done. Life is all about moving forward ,in spite of anything that happens.

The same thing is about hiking. as long as you are moving forward. no matter how fast or slow, you are progressing.

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