Bullhide Belt

Bullhide Belt Review (Leather Gun Belt With Steel Core)

Bullhide Belt Review (Leather Gun Belt With Steel Core)

Welcome to Firearms of America! Today, I have another leather EDC belt review and this is one of the Bullhide gun belts, here is the link:
Brown Stitched Steel Core Max Thickness Bullhide Gun Belt (SKU 1014-36) – https://www.bullhidebelts.com/collections/gun-belts/products/brown-stitched-steel-core-bullhide-gun-belt-sku-1014

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Or, if you prefer to buy stuff from Amazon, here is Bullhide’s official Amazon link:
Brown Stitched Steel Core Max Thickness Bullhide Gun Belt – https://amzn.to/2L1itKG

So, let’s start with the specs:
Approx. 1/4″ Thick (15oz), perfect for work or as a gun belt.
15 oz Stiffer Leather with Stainless Steel Core
100% Leather! No fillers, cardboard, or fake bonded leather like department stores sell.
Available in belt sizes 32 to 54 inches.
Stainless Steel Paul Revere Buckle (as pictured)
Dual layered belt with a piece of stainless steel core between the two pieces of leather to create a super stiff gun holster belt.
Made with brown Chicago Screws so you may switch out buckles or use your own. We offer many buckle styles under “Accessories”. Simply order a buckle and switch it out when the belt arrives.
1-1/2″ wide
9 holes, spaced 3/4″ apart
Stitched in a heavy weight nylon thread similar to car leather seats.
USA Made!!!!!

Now, I know you guys will appreciate a good quality USA made leather belt. This is one of those good quality leather belts, made out of 100% bullhide leather.

Here is a little bit about the material, if you are wondering what is bullhide leather:
Bullhide is also known as cowhide shoulder leather, although sometimes shrunk during the tanning process to enhance the heavy wrinkles and creases. Bullhide is normally thicker than dress leathers and exotics thereby protecting the foot inside the boot from thorns and other possible penetrating dangers. Bullhide will take a good shine and its textured surface hides scuffs and scratches.

So, if you are looking for a thick full grain leather belt with a steel core to serve you as your EDC belt, one of the Bullhide belts is a great option! I know I will be getting a few more of these belts for variety.

What do you guys think? Would you consider this particular belt as your Ultimate Survival Belt? Let me know in the comments below! If you have any specific review requests, you can drop them below! Thanks for watching!

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