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#metoo Party Has the LEAST #metoo Friendly Candidate, BUT for Democrats It Is #votebluenomatterwho

metoo Party Has the LEAST #metoo Friendly Candidate, BUT for Democrats It Is #votebluenomatterwho

The New York Times: “We found no pattern of sexual misconduct by Biden, beyond hugs, kisses and touching that women previously said made them uncomfortable…”

Welcome to Firearms of America! Today, we will talk about the only democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden and recently surfaced sexual assault allegations against him… Now you would think that it is already pretty bad that the guy who publicly harasses women, smells them, touches them inappropriately, now has sexual assault allegations against him… and that is the guy who is running for the president of this country… for the party of #metoo movement…

But it gets worse. Because now we have The New York Times, the lamestream left-wing trash newspaper that is now doing investigative forensic work, while reporting the story and then summarizes that they do not see any sexual misconduct by Joe Biden… except for the inappropriate kissing and touching… that made women uncomfortable.

But it gets even worse… It always does with democrats.

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