Hydroxychloroquine Stock

Trump Owns Hydroxychloroquine Stock… JUST LIKE MOST OF US!

Trump Owns Hydroxychloroquine Stock… JUST LIKE MOST OF US!

Welcome to Firearms of America! So, the left wing media has been accusing President Trump for having hydroxychloroquine stock… Well, to your surprise, MOST of the people here who have IRAs and/or 401k accounts actually do have that same stock… Yep, surprise!

Here is JUST ONE of the mutual funds (a very popular investment fund) from Vanguard:

And these, this mutual fund actually does have stocks in companies, the same exact companies that media is accusing Donald Trump of having… and somehow profiting and having his interest… Well, in this case, most of us do.

Another day, another lie from liberal media, making fools out of their own listeners and viewers. Fake news! Shame! But left wing media is just following the political agenda of democrats… Why do democrats hate Americans so much that they are willing to tank the promising drug that can help in this pandemic? Ask yourselves.

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