Free Healthcare… Is It Really Free? (Is Free Healthcare Good?)

Free Healthcare… Is It Really Free? (Is Free Healthcare Good?)

For some of you guys, who already know a part of my story and where I came from and why I am conservative and why I am patriot, USA loving immigrant, who was given a chance to live a life of opportunity and freedoms, who will be always grateful for these freedoms and this chance.

In spite of all this, today’s topic is free healthcare or socialized healthcare. Now I know that the main argument against free healthcare is the budget, increased taxes, universal health care cost to taxpayers… in other words, financial side of things. But, experiencing “free healthcare” myself, let me tell you about a few other aspects that usually do not consider.

As always, whoever wants to join the discussion, feel free do drop your thoughts, questions, etc., in the comments. I am always happy to have a good debate. In fact, if you are willing to, I will be happy to do a video debate for this channel, so bring your best arguments, free healthcare pros and cons, let’s do it!

Thanks for watching! This Firearms of America and I am your Conservative Outsider.

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