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We Ordered Tesla Cybertruck! Is It an Ultimate Survival Vehicle?

We Ordered Tesla Cybertruck! Is It an Ultimate Survival Vehicle?

Welcome to Firearms of America! Today, we are talking about Tesla Cybertruck! Some of you guys know that I do a lot of Ultimate Survival Gear reviews on this channel. Well, for a while, I have been thinking about Ultimate Survival Vehicle!

Tesla, specifically Tesla Model 3, has been on mind as a survival vehicle for a while. First of all, I think electric vehicles are superior to gasoline ones whenever it comes to survival situations, in terms of finding fuel/electricity (let’s debate about this!). Second, Tesla safety rating is beyond anything else out there. Also, Tesla safety features are pretty awesome too…

Anyway, the reason why I never actually got into reviewing Tesla Model 3 here (even though I had a chance) was because of its terrible range. I think range is EXTREMELY important whenever it comes to your survival vehicle… With 200-300 mile range… well, good luck.

But, Tesla recently announced their pick up truck, the Cybertruck. Yes, funny name, funny looks… definitely some post-apocalyptic look, yes, but, let’s talk about Tesla Cybertruck features.

First of all, acceleration beyond imaginable for a pick up truck. 2.9 seconds 0-60… THAT IS FAST! And sure, you do want fast for your survival. I do, however, have to mention that Tesla Cybertruck top speed is not confirmed yet. Some say it is going to be top at 130… which is disappointing, but nothing is confirmed yet!

Also, apparently Tesla Cybertruck is bulletproof up to 9mm rounds… Ok, that is interesting. We do, however, have to test it ourselves though, because because Tesla’s claim regarding the impact resistant glass did not hold exactly true… unfortunately.

Also, the pulling power of Tesla truck is pretty impressive. They did a Tesla Cybertruck vs F150 during the presentation and F150 got smoked… Sorry F150 fans.

Anyway, with all that good stuff, sounds like a good Ultimate Survival Vehicle to me (at least a candidate)!

So, I went ahead and I ordered Tesla Cybertruck… well, for my friend who has more money than I do… Speaking of the money, Tesla Cybertruck price starts at almost $40000 and goes up to $70000.

So what do you guys think? Obviously, this is not exactly a Tesla Cybertruck review, but there will be one soon, as soon as we get our Tesla Cybertruck on hands! Do you think this is a good Ultimate Survival Vehicle? Let me know in the comment below!

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