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Clinger Holsters Cushion Review (Make Your Holster Great Again)

Clinger Holsters Cushion Review (Make Your Holster Great Again)

Welcome to Firearms of America! Today, in this very short video, I have this handy dandy little awesome invention from Clinger Holsters, called Clinger Cushion! Here is the link to their website:

If you have a holster that is light and compact, but it is not comfortable (like mine), this little cushion can instantly fix that problem for you. It comes with 10 Velcro attachments, so you can have more than one holster used with these pad.

Whenever it comes to concealed carry, I always say, whatever helps you carry that gun, you need it… I don’t really always say that, but I think it is a true statement.

Sometimes I procrastinate because I do not have a comfortable holster… well, I do, but it is too bulky… and the one that is not bulky (in this video) is too uncomfortable. Well, that problem is solved, thanks to Clinger Holsters.

By the way, I did check Amazon, and looks like is the only place where you can buy this handy device.

Apparently now there is a Facebook Page for this channel:

As it turns out, there is an Instagram page for this channel as well:

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