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Salomon Quest Prime GTX… This is my second pair of Salmon boots that I am reviewing for my Ultimate Survival Boots section. The first pair that I reviewed were Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX boots… and again, all I can say is WOW… just wow… How? How did Salomon do it? The comfort level is amazing. The bottom sole (outsole) looks like a high end tire of a race car. The boots are extremely light weight for their size and of course, waterproof…

If you have $189.95 to spare and are looking at these… BUY THEM! The link is below and you won’t be disappointed!

Salomon Men’s Quest Prime GTX Backpacking Boot – – $189.95

  • Leather and Textile
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 5″ from arch
  • Lightweight : A lighter boot makes for an easier journey. At only 570 grams/20.1 oz., Quest Prime GTX is one of the lightest boots in the backpacking category. 
  • Comfort/ protection : a rubber toe cap protects feet from all kinds of hazards. A GORE-TEX membrane ensures breathable weather protection. Great cushioning for long distance comfort. 
  • Athletic style : bridging the span between mountain heritage and athletic design cues. Salomon DNA expressed in this progressive yet clean silhouette. 

Comfort Level

Comfort level of Salomon Quest Prime GTX hiking boots is unbelievable. Designed with hiking in mind Salomon Quest Prime GTX offer everything required on the trail: light weight design, comfortable inner sole, traction and stability. In order to test the comfort level I did a 3 mile run and a 5 mile walk. The total wear time was about 7-8 hours without taking these boots off. Here is the thing, I was tired after doing the total distance of 8 miles in the Florida heat, but my feet were just as comfortable as when I first put Salomon Quest Prime GTX on.

Now one thing I wanted to mention specifically about running. It is a tiny bit harder to run in Salomon Quest Prime GTX compared to X Ultra 3 GTX, because there is a 5 oz. difference in weight. So, if you plan to do a lot of running on the trail, you might consider those… Nevertheless, Salomon Quest Prime GTX is lighter than anything else that I have tried at that size.

Also, for some reason it became a sort of tradition to mention the sizing aspect in this section, so, yes, the sizing is perfect on Salomon Quest Prime GTX.

Overall, a very solid 9 out of 10 in the comfort department for Salomon Quest Prime GTX.

Built and Material Quality

Salomon Quest Prime GTX is stellar whenever it comes to built and material quality. Salomon Shoes are a great company and they specialize in outdoor and hiking gear. They definitely do understand the demands whenever it comes to the built quality. Pro hikers cover 10-20 miles a day and if their shoes cannot handle it… well, that’s not good.

And while Amazon does not have a lot of reviews on Salomon Quest Prime GTX you can definitely find a lot of positive reviews from other retailers.

Are Salomon Quest Prime GTX boots waterproof?

Yes… yes they are. Salomon Quest Prime GTX feature Gore-Tex fabric that allows the breathability and at the same time is waterproof.

Bottom Sole

Well, I still can’t get over how amazing the bottom sole is. Honestly, so far, this is the best, most versatile bottom sole that I have ever seen!

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I always say whenever it comes to the Ultimate Survival Boots that the versatility of the bottom sole is very important. You just don’t know what surfaces you might end up traveling on… Well, Salomon Quest Prime GTX have you covered! Yes, these boots are number one on my list of bottom sole versatility!

But that’s not it. because of the special construction, the bottom sole is actually pretty flexible which is another contributing factor to the comfort level during the run and the walk. What Salomon did is pretty interesting. They used two different kind of rubber to preserve that flexibility and at the same time provide a necessary protection… Well done Salomon!

Considering the stability, versatility, flexibility… Salomon Quest Prime GTX gets 10 out of 10 in this department!

Too Hot or Too Cold?

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Considering the size of Salomon Quest Prime GTX you would think that they would be pretty hot… no? Well, surprisingly, they are not. And like I have mentioned, my testing was performed in Florida heat… in the middle of June… that’s a good 100 degrees…

But yes, surprisingly, Salomon Quest Prime GTX are perfectly acceptable in the extreme heat. Even running did not overheat my feet!

Of course Salomon Quest Prime GTX would be appropriate for cold weather as well. If you try to find some reviews on these boots you will see people tracking Appalachian Trail in less than 30 degrees… I am glad I did not have to test that myself, I am not a big fan of cold.

So yes, Salomon Quest Prime GTX are not too hot and not too cold! A solid 10 out of 10 whenever it comes to the temperature department. Once again, well done Salomon!

Design Features and the Looks

Salomon Quest Prime GTX looks awesome and are PACKED with features! Waterproof, lightweight, double rubber bottom sole for flexibility and protection, reinforced toe, reinforced heel and ankle, really cool double tying system with metal hardware, Ortholite inner sole… I can go on for a while…

If you read my review of Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX, you probably remember that I made an unreasonable complaint… saying that Salomon boots are cool looking as hiking boots… however, these might not be the boots to wear around town… and that it is important to be able to wear your Ultimate Survival Boots around town.

Well, here is the thing, screw it, I am wearing these boots around town, they are just TOO good not to!

Competition and Similar Options

Let’s be real, only Salomon can compete with Salomon… So here are some awesome Salomon options!

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Well… it’s not hard to tell that I absolutely love these boots, is it? Yes, Salomon Quest Prime GTX are that amazing!

Can I find any complaints… Hmmm… I can’t even say that Salomon Quest Prime GTX are too expensive at about $190-240, considering how many features they are packed with. Nope… can’t come up with anything. So far, Salomon Quest Prime GTX are on the top of my Ultimate Survival Boots list along with the other Salomon pair!

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