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Don’t these Under Armour Stellar Tac just look awesome? Yes, yes they do, but, they happen to be in the Tactical Boots category. Not only that, they are also in the Ultimate Survival Boots section of our website. All of the above means that we will be very tough on judgment regarding these tactical boots. Now, if you want to check out these boots from all the angles, here is the video review that I have done: Under Armour Stellar Tac Review (Cheap Tactical Boots)

Under Armour Men’s Stellar Tac Side Zip Sneaker – https://amzn.to/2F80Eqq – $84.95

  • 100% Fabric or Textile
  • Imported
  • Leather sole
  • Shaft measures approximately mid-top from arch
  • UA Storm gear uses a DWR finish to repel water without sacrificing breathability
  • Leather & 900D nylon textile combine for a soft & light upper
  • Medial side zipper for ease of entry
  • Quick-dry minimalist design with polishable toe
  • Molded EVA midsole with reinforced TPU shank for protection & support
  • Low profile rubber lug sole
  • Weight: 16.6 oz.
  • Height: 8″

Comfort Level of Under Armour Stellar Tac

Alright, overall I think the comfort level of Under Armour Stellar Tac boots is great. The inner sole feels soft and wearing this boots overall feels very comfortable. The sizing is perfect. My typical shoe size is 9.5 and I got these boots in 10 for a little extra space (recommended in boots). Another contributing factor to the comfort level is the light weight design. At about 16.6 oz (depending which size you are getting), these boots feel very light, which makes it very easy to wear them for extended periods of time and also running.

Now, one important thing to mention here regarding the running. While running is somewhat easy because of the light weight design, it is also somewhat hard because of the toughness of the bottom sole. Yes, the bottom sole is not very flexible. Now, it might “break down” after a few weeks of use… But, I prefer something that is a little more flexible right out of the box.

Overall, great comfort for walking and wearing these Under Armour boots for extended periods of time. Whenever it comes to running, you have to compromise a little, however, due to the tough bottom sole.

Built and Material Quality

Quality feels awesome. Besides, this is Under Armour, a good, trustworthy company. The reviews are consistent on these Under Armour tactical boots as well. 4 stars on Under Armour website and 4 stars on Amazon, with a few negative reviews seemingly due to manufacturing defects. Well, in my personal experience, I had these boots for about 3 months now with about 20 miles of trail on them and they are still holding up perfectly fine.

Are these boots waterproof?

Good question. No, they are not. Although the description does mention that the fabric was made to “repel water…”

Bottom Sole

The bottom sole is where all my excitement is. I think Under Armour did a fantastic job designing this bottom sole. First of all it look very interesting:

Image from Amazon.com

And this interesting look definitely serves its purpose. Even though they are not advertised as slip resistant, they hold very well on the slippery surfaces like tile, for example. Because the sole is not too aggressive, these boots perform very well on the sand. Because there are a few aggressive grooves on the sole, these boots do fairly well on the wet grass and similar trail surfaces. So, overall, very good balanced bottom sole!

Now of course, these boots would not do as well as a typical hiking boot, for example, on the trail… but you have to keep in mind that hiking boots have a lot of limitations as well.

Too Hot or Too Cold?

Well, the testing that i have performed in these boots was the 3 mile run in Florida heat… well above 90 degrees. Definitely was not too hot, probably thanks to the breathable fabric that was used on these boots.

Now, I cannot comment, of course, on cold temperatures, so you guys would have to help me out on that one! If you have Under Armour Stellar Tac and you tried them in cold climate, please leave your comments below.

Of course, these boots might not be suitable for extreme cold and snowy situations. Also, judging by the bottom sole, I don’t think they would perform too well on ice.

Design Features

This is another area where Under Armour Stellar Tac tactical boots shine. Because they come with the top tree closed hooks AND the side zipper it is very easy and fast to put them on. I think this is one feature that many tactical and military boot manufacturers overlook. Boots are made to perform well as tactical boots with the assumption that they are already on your feet… But a lot of situations require you to put those tactical boots on first! This is relevant to pretty much any survival situation. Nobody is going to wait for you to put your tactical gear on first… So, I think it is very important for any tactical gear to be easily put on and that of course includes your ultimate survival boots.

Low profile rubber lug sole Weight: 16.6 oz. Height: 8" Imported
Image from UnderArmour.com

Of course other great design features such as breathability and light weight were already mentioned above. Another thing I wanted to say about the top hooks is that they are not metal… Now, I have not seen any negative comments about these hooks breaking and of course, plastic hardware does make the boot more lightweight overall… but still, raises some concerns.

Also, I kind of wish that the top two sets of hooks were open, like on the typical hiking boots. That would allow for a quick release if necessary and also make it even easier to put these boots on. But, this is just my personal opinion… It might actually be better to have closed hooks on the tactical boots…

The Looks of Under Armour Stellar Tac

Well, as I have already mentioned, Under Armour Stellar Tac tactical boots look amazing! Here are a few pictures of how these boots look:

Competition and Similar Options

Here are a few similar options that are available whenever it comes to tactical boots:

Conclusion and Final Thoughts on Under Armour Stellar Tac

So, based on everything we discussed above, if you are considering these boots for work, definitely a really good option. The longest I wore them was about 9 hours straight and they felt comfortable all the way through. They will be very nice to wear for long shifts, just get the right size (a lot of people make mistake of getting exactly the size they have their sneakers in… get your boots in half a size bigger). Their performance as tactical boots is spot on as well. and of course, the price is right at just $84.95.

If, however, you are considering Under Armour Stellar Tac as your Ultimate Survival Boots, I would suggest to subscribe to Firearms of America and check out other boot reviews that we have. You might be able to find something more applicable to your situation.

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Under Armour Stellar Tac
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by Jake on Under Armour Stellar Tac
Satisfied security officer

I had a few tactical boots before for my work as a security guard. So far, I like these the best. They are definitely comfortable and also durable.

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