Best of Tucker Carlson

Best of Tucker Carlson VOL 2 | #tuckercarlson

Best of Tucker Carlson VOL 2 | #tuckercarlson

Another Best of Tucker Carlson! Tucker Carlson of Fox News is under fire for something that he has said a decade ago…

Here is a little more on this:
Media Matters’ leftist mob out to defund Fox News, the only major conservative cable news, is now targeting Tucker Carlson. On March 10, 2019, Media Matters posted a compilation of audio from Carlson’s appearances on the “Bubba the Love Sponge Show” between 2006 2011. As usual leftists dug up old information in an attempt to force the firing of Tucker Carlson and weaken Fox News.

Tucker Carlson has brought bold, fact based news perspectives to millions of Americans that no other cable news host has produced. Also, Tucker has relentlessly supported border protection, exposed big tech censorship, called out the uncivil, violent behavior of leftists and defended the lives of the unborn while exposing the death culture. Tucker Carlson has stood strong on many conservative causes. He is the voice of reason.

So, here is a short, best of Tucker Carlson video for you guys, just to remind you. Also, make sure to show your support! Because conservatives need to support one another.

P.S. This episode also feature Bill Nye the CRAZY guy… who wishes an ice age upon all of us…

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