Lesbian activist booted from LGBT committee for CONDEMNING RAPIST

Lesbian activist booted from LGBT committee for CONDEMNING RAPIST

Well, if you missed this crazy story… here it is! Lesbian activist booted from LGBT committee… The left sometimes can be so radical that they are ready to throw under the bus one of their own for condemning.. (wait for it)… RAPE! How insane is that? Transgender man raped a female inmate… Why was a man put in the female prison in the first place? Don’t ask me… Why was he convicted in the first place? Apparently for rape. Wow! The level of stupidity…

So here is her conversation with Tucker Carlson on Fox News regarding this trans debate and the convicted transgender rapist.

And I feel bad for this lady… She stood up, spoke the truth against injustice and instead of praise, she was kicked out of the LGBT committee… where apparently, she was the only lesbian.

Intolerance? Hate speech?

Nah, just a regular brainwashing of the radical left. Left is not familiar with the freedom of speech, a constitutional right. They will destroy one of their own without hesitation if the opinions are slightly different.

And Julia Beck is right, you know, women need to stand up against this outrageous trans movement… Just like there is no place for male convicted rapists in female prisons, there is no place for male athletes in female sports, female bathrooms… or anywhere female… Because it is made for FEMALE. And whatever identification you might have imagined yourself to be, you will never be a female and neither should you be granted access to any of the female spaces.

But it is not only women that need to stand up. Men should stand up to and protect women from this insanity, just like men are supposed to.

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