Guns vs Non Lethal Self Defense Weapons

Guns vs Non Lethal Self Defense Weapons

Guns vs. Non Lethal Self Defense Weapons (Pepper Spray vs Gun)

Alright! Let’s spark this debate on some Non Lethal Self Defense! Now this is 101 self defense for women, because ladies (for the most part) are kind and caring… plus, the statistics show that it is women for the most part, who search for the best non lethal weapons on the internet… for the least part it is liberal snowflakes who love gun control, but still care about their personal protection.

Any who, what is the best self defense weapon? Lethal or non lethal?

Well, lets start of by saying that just because it is a gun… it does not have to be lethal… because you can shoot anywhere else other than face (like with pepper spray).

Whenever it comes to the best self defense weapon to carry… my vote goes to a good old conceal carry pistol. What about you?

I don’t care if it is the best pepper spray… or the best pepper gel… it will never be a sufficient substitution for a gun.

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The pistol featured in the video is Sig Sauer P238.

Here are both “non lethal” options.
SABRE Red Pepper Gel –
SABRE 3-in-1 Pepper Spray –

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