AR-15 for Home Defense

AR-15 for Home Defense: Yay or Nay?

AR-15 for Home Defense: Yay or Nay?

Hello there! Recently, I received a great question from one of my viewers. The question was about AR-15 for Home Defense: is AR-15 a good choice for home defense?

In this video, for the demo purposes I am presenting my Ruger AR-556, which is an entry level AR-15. Here is the link to its review:
Ruger AR-556 Review (Ruger AR-15 Review) –

Well, as you guys probably already know, I LOVE AR-15s. If I could choose only one weapon that I could have… that’s would be AR-15.

But the reality is, there are so many different options out there for home defense… Shotguns, pistols, SMGs… And truth is, as long as it is a firearm, it is a decent option. But what about an AR-15 specifically?

Well, let’s start with the pros. AR-15 is great to handle! It is precise, easy to reload and can’t beat the 30 round capacity. Obviously, AR-15 is powerful enough to take care of the target without any hesitation.

So what about the cons?

Well, the size of course would be one… also the weight. The power of the AR-15 could also be a factor if you live in the house with thin walls…

So, my conclusion? Well, I would say great choice in the scenario where you can have your AR-15 readily available and if you practice enough with it to be comfortable inside your house.

Here are the videos that I have mentioned in this video:
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Best Weapons for Home Defense (obviously a gun, but which one?) –

So what do you guys think about AR-15 home defense? Do you agree? Can you come up with any other pros or cons? What is yours home defense weapons choice? If its an AR-15, which one do you think is the best AR-15 for home defense? Let me know in the comments below!

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P.S. Here is the link for dry fire practice rounds:
223 Rem Precision Snap Caps –

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