Is Communism Good

Is Communism Good? I grew up in it… | Ben Shapiro MOCKS Bernie Sanders

Is Communism Good? I grew up in it… | Ben Shapiro MOCKS Bernie Sanders

Welcome back! You know me, I am not too political… well, not always… But all this communist ideology these days? I was growing up in USSR and spent quite a lot of time in a communist era… and I remember the bread lines.

Ben Shapiro did a beautiful job mocking Bernie Sanders… and it is on point. If you haven’t heard Ben Shapiro before, check out his podcast and YouTube Chanel, it is great!

Here is the thing, just like every system out there, communism pros do in fact exist. Communist youth was educated to the higher standards, was encouraged to build families, work for the government, etc, etc, all to build a picture perfect community. Does not sound that bad, does it?

You have no freedom, no rights, except being a part of the community that you serve and that dictates you your roles and responsibilities. Well, if perfect community is what you are going for, then communism is not that bad. No wonder why Bernie Sanders fell in love with it. It does look great from the outside!

Living in it, however, is a different story. I keep hearing this term “bread lines” more and more… In fact, I did not even realize at first what that was about. Now that I do, I can tell you that it was not JUST breadlines… it was also sugar lines, flour lines, medication lines, clothing lines and many many other different kinds of lines… Does not sound fun.

Soviet Union communism did leave a few good things behind, however. First of all, a few generations that know respect. Respect for people, respect for families, for women, for government… Something that I see less and less here, as the younger generation grows more and more entitled and ignorant… Not only the generation, but also political parties! Look at Democrats for example. With their abortion laws, open bored ideologies, gun control laws… Democrats are evil these days! These days Democrats don’t represent democracy! They should be renamed to DemoCRAP instead.

Secondly, a sense of patriotism…. the love for the country that gives you home, rights, freedoms… something that is AGAIN lacking in today’s American youth, AND the mentioned above democrats.

Thirdly, appreciation for the freedoms… I know what it feels like not to have freedoms… and I also know what it feels like to have them, because I live here, in the USA, the land of freedom and opportunities… I appreciate every bit of it. But many people who are born and raised here don’t understand that. In fact, some of them are ready and willing to give away those freedoms… which democrats are trying to take away, by the way.

Anyway, what do you guys think?

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