Concealed Carry Traffic Stop

Concealed Carry Traffic Stop | What Happens If I Get Pulled Over with a Gun in My Car

Concealed Carry Traffic Stop | What Happens If I Get Pulled Over with a Gun in My Car

I remember looking up this question when I bought my first gun and still did not have a permitโ€ฆ Hey, its understandable, we all have these questions and as responsible gun owners of America, we need to know the answers. Even after I got my permit and as a concealed carry permit holder, I still had questions when it comes to being stopped by a policeโ€ฆ Because, well, you don’t know until that happens.

So, when it comes to concealed carry police stops, just follow the instructions. Show the permit when asked.

Also, keep in mind, there is a duty to inform concealed carry laws in each state, so depending on your state, make sure to check it out in order to be informed. Concealed carry laws in general are different in every state. I live in Florida, so my experience is of course related to Florida gun laws. Florida concealed carry laws are pretty straightforward. And because a lot of people have CCW, police here are familiar with situations when you are getting pulled over with a gun.

In this video, I am using for demonstration purposes my Ruger SR22, this was my first gun for conceal carry. I think it is best 22 pistol for concealed carry and I have a review on it, if you are interested!

If you want to see a review of this Ruger SR22, you can find it here!

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