Best Weapons for Home Defense

Best Weapons for Home Defense (obviously a gun, but which one?)

Best Weapons for Home Defense (obviously a gun, but which one?)

Hello there and thanks for stopping by! In this video, we will talk about the best weapons for home defense. And hopefully, you are not one of those people trying to find a non lethal self defense weapons on eBay… like those stun gloves or something. If you are, then this video is probably not for you, because here we are discussing the best gun for home defense… The reason I wanted to make this obvious, is because I wanted to underline the importance of home security and home defense. See, whenever it comes to home security, it is not a funny topic, it is not a joke. So don’t try to compensate for your home defense, your protection and the protection of your family with something that belongs in a clown car, like stun gloves.

If you still want the best home defense weapon not a gun, then I recommend martial arts like boxing, kickboxing or MMA… (at least it is good for your physical health).

In this video, I will mention best gun for self-defense, best home defense caliber, etc. If you are looking for something specifically, like best shotgun for home protection for example, watching this video will help you to see whether the shotgun is even a good option for your situation.

On the side note, I have mentioned that I am pretty savvy when it comes to home security systems. I know how to set them up, install them, best home security companies, best home security camera system, etc. Because there are a lot of them… there are mainstream ones like adt home security, vivnt home security and of course diy home security systems, which is what I prefer. So if you are interested in this topic, definitely let me know in the comments below and I will definitely do some videos on that as well, maybe I can implement home security systems reviews here as well. I believe that home defense strategy does not simply rely on what kind of weapon you have, but also your home security system.

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