How to report a stolen gun

My gun was stolen | How to report a stolen gun?

My gun was stolen | How to report a stolen gun?

Well, I decided to share my story of a stolen firearm, because I thought it might actually help someone! This information of course applies to you if you are wondering how to report a lost gun. I know when I found out that my gun was stolen, I went to google, typed in “lost gun what to do” and there was so much random stuff out there that got me overwhelmed. Well, don’t panic. Call your local Sheriff’s Office or Police Department.

Make sure you prepare the important information, such as gun serial number, date last seen, place last seen, etc. This will help the officer to address your issue. Later, you will be contacted by a detective. I heard that these detectives are also ATF agents, but I am not 100% sure about that.

But, one thing to keep in mind!

Report the theft or the loss IMMEDIATELY so that your gun can be placed into stolen gun serial numbers database! It is very important!

And on the side note, that’s why before buying a gun from a private party, make sure to do gun serial number background check and uf you can, check gun registration, because it might just be in the stolen gun database.

So yea, in this video, I will tell you a story about my stolen Ruger SR22 pistol.

If you are wondering, do police return stolen guns, yes they do, as you can see, I got my gun back.

So, please be responsible, don’t lose your firearms, learn some gun safety rules, etc. Also, be familiar with your state’s gun laws. Gun laws in the US are somewhat all over the place. We have federal gun control laws and then we have state laws. And of course, these are all different from state to state. So if you live in California, for example, you will have California gun laws and they will be different from Florida gun laws.

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