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Ruger SR9 Review (The pistol with the toughest slide)

Hey there, here is a Ruger SR9 pistol review. SR9 gun was my very first gun that I have purchased. SR9 is a 9mm pistol. It is definitely the toughest slide gun that I have ever held in my hands. The slide on this thing is ridiculous. I did find, however, a perfect lubricant for it to make it a little better.

It is a good first gun for first time buyers, however, in my opinion. And the reason for that is because it is so hard to operate. If you can adjust to this gun, you can really adjust to any pistol out there. Of course, if you have a medical condition, like arthritis, this gun is probably not for you. So if you ask me what are the Ruger SR9 problems? Well… the slide is one of them.

In this SR9 gun review I will also talk about a few other gun modifications that you can do, which are pretty cheap. Now, if you are interested about how to disassemble SR9, I will make a separate video on it. But this video, is just a gun review.

So, let me know in the comments below wheat you think about this Ruger SR9 compact. Also, you can request a review of any gun.

This is a gun reviews channel called Firearms of America and I will try to post more reviews.

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Ruger SR9
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by Lenny on Ruger SR9
Good gun!

Had it for 6 years now, still great. Built like a tank! Slide is tough yes, but you can adjust to it!

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