Ruger SR22 Review

Ruger SR22 Review (BEST 22 Pistol for Concealed Carry)

I love, love, love this gun… not sure, maybe because my gun was stolen from me and I really missed it or because it is really that great. Anyway, this review is about Ruger SR22 pistol. Ruger SR22 is a small pistol. It is a good gun for first time buyers. It is also (in my opinion) the best gun to have for everyday shooting. The .22 ammo (22lr ammo) is extremely cheap… around $14 for a 100 count box (pretty amazing).

Also, after my AR-15 and 1911 Nightmare, this Ruger SR22 is the most accurate gun that I have ever shot… Now, notice that I am comparing it to an AR-15 and a $1000 pistol… Yea, if you can manage to adjust the sights properly on this pistol, you will love the accuracy, it is great… probably because it is 22lr.

So, why is necessarily the best? Well, it is the best 22 pistol for concealed carry.

SR22 good and bad sides, of course, are there, just like on any other gun. If you are looking for the best concealed carry gun, this gun is certainly good, but, I would recommend something else! I think the best application of this gun is for practicing on the range regularly. But if you want a perfect gun for concealed carry, check out my review of P238. Let me know what you think about this Ruger SR22 Review!

I have done an updated Ruger SR22 Review, check it out here!

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Ruger SR22
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by Josh on Ruger SR22
Love this gun!

Love my Ruger SR22! It is precise, very budget friendly, really nice to shoot! The 22LR is super cheap as well! $14 for 100 rounds in Walmart.

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